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Regenerative Injection Therapy or Prolotherapy (RIT)

Prolotherapy has been in use since the 1930s, making it a well-established treatment technique for tightening and strengthening weak and damaged ligaments and healing diseased and partially torn tendons, which cause pain, weakness and instability. It is also used to decrease pain and improve function in some forms of arthritis and nerve damage. The technique requires the injection of a local anesthetic (procaine or lidocaine) plus 5-25% dextrose, and, if needed to stimulate a stronger healing response, the addition of 1-2% sodium morrhuate (highly refined cod liver oil). The injections are given where the ligament or tendon attaches to the bone, at the joint capsule, inside the joint, or in the myofascial layer. The procedure has been used on millions of patients and has been proven as safe as other types of injections commonly used in orthopedics. 

Regenerative Injection Therapy or Prolotherapy (RIT)

One prolotherapy treatment sets the healing stage but the healing process is long and gradual, just as it is with surgery. Surgeons used to be very quick to get a professional athlete back to the field of play after reconstruction of a ligament. Now they know patients don't do as well when they are rushed back to play in three or four months. Today they try to have them end their season after the injury, get reconstructed and then not return to play for at least 12 to 14 months. The athletes can work out, do physical therapy and start doing hard training even before 4 to 6 months, but they are not expected to go back to the same level of play until over a year after the reconstruction. That's all about healing properly. For example, when I had PRP treatment in my shoulder, I was unhappy I did the treatment at four weeks. I was back to baseline at six weeks and I was glad I did the treatment at eight weeks. But I noticed continuing improvement throughout the year.


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